Important of indoor lighting

The lighting in a home changes the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room. The lighting in a room either provides illumination for the entirety of the room, it highlights very specific elements. Placement and type of lighting are important aspects of indoor design, and they work in conjunction with color selections, size, availability of natural light and furniture selection. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style.

How to choose a good indoor lighting

Indoor lighting is a subtly powerful thing. It can impact everything from your sleep schedule to your brain power . your home was the place you presumably spend a big chunk of your life. So, to get a good indoor lighting, here’s a basic guide to get you started.

Step 1: consider each room’s function. Generally, lighting function fall in three categories: ambient (example: living room), task (example: reading room), and accent (example: art museum).

Step 2: Choose the right lighting source. Factor to be consider are lumen, correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI).

Step 3: pick your fixture. Here are some common fixtures such as ceiling mount fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, table-mounted fixtures and so on.

How indoor lighting affect us

There is a lots of research says that the effect of indoor light has on our emotional system. This may be the result of the light being perceived as heat, and the perception of heat can trigger our emotions. Beside that, indoor light regulates a large variety of human behaviors such as sleep and attentiveness. Studies suggest an increase in academic performance by students who study in environments with the natural day lighting. Natural light is always preferred but not always attainable in a classroom or work environment. So, indoor light have affect us in our daily light, we need to be more careful when dealing with the purchasing and installation of indoor light.