Why need outdoor display

Rapid development of digital media brings about newer tools for advertising and marketing on a regular basis. Outdoor LED displays have the benefits of a high definition screen and an acousto-optic effect. It thereby attract attention of consumers and create a memorable impression within a short span of time. The use of a digital signage network for advertising purposes saves time and increases operational flexibility because consumers are provided real-time information at all times. Outdoor LED signs can inform customers on how to get to their desired destination, such as a company, shop or office. Outdoor display can persuade them to purchase products and inform them regarding any ongoing promotions. Outdoor LED displays can be placed at any places desired such as roadside, company outside and so on. In today’s world, outdoor advertising has come of age with respect to innovations. It has helped businesses to market themselves, creatively and efficiently. Outdoor LED displays have transformed the look and feel of outdoor advertising.

Things need to know before buying outdoor display board

1- Location of your sign: One of the most important steps before you purchase an LED sign is reviewing you location and traffic pattern. Location of you sign affect the size, pixel pitch, type and other important features of your sign. The ideal place for an outdoor sign is right in front of eyes of your potential customers with aim to maximise viewers. But you need to keep in mind that there are some codes and regulation about  location of electronic signs. Before making any decision about it check the regulations and codes in city council website. If the viewer are far from you sign you need to choose a bigger size.

2-LED Sign Software: If you need to change you message according to a time schedule to target different customers; or if you need to access your access your LED control panel from out of your office then you need to choose an LED sign or LED display with proper control board and software. Before selecting an LED sign check with supplier that the software cove all of your needs.

3-Local codes and regulations: There are certain regulation and codes to use LED signs for your business. your business located in residential are with maximum limitation or a commercial zone with minimum limitation, you need to check then before purchasing any LED sign. You can fing useful documents in city council websites about electronic signs.

LED Display Board Application Areas

1) For government – Digital signage can play a very important role in communication. It’s important that government institutions understand the advantages of digital signage, as it increases awareness with minimal costs and low maintenance.

2)In retail – Marketing through digital signage is convenient, easy and efficient compared to conventional advertising. It successfully attracts customers and creates an impact.

3) In entertainment – With the introduction of multiplexes, the rules of the game have changed completely. Digital signage extends and strengthens brand value, appeal, and builds a strong connection with the consumer.

4) In banking – The banking sector uses digital signage for various purposes. Digital signage is an economical and smart option. The investment involved is one-time and the maintenance costs are minimal. As a result, banks can save a lot of unnecessary expenses. Digital signage breaks the clutter of notice boards, which ironically, go unnoticed most of the time.

5) For the automotive industry – Automotive digital signage is a combination of enhancing the customer experience while imparting correct knowledge to the customer.

6) In healthcare – Digital signage technology helps hospitals and clinics to handle their communication problems and drive operations effectively.

7) In education – Digital signage helps to foster a very informative and professional environment. It is multi-purpose—motivating students with appropriate congratulatory or inspiring messages, being informative by displaying upcoming intra and inter school events, and also by providing entertainment during breaks, if required.

8) In transport – New generation digital signage has now made it possible to install remotely controlled digital screens in trains, buses and other means of transport. These can be used for displaying advertisements and other entertaining content. A lot of revenue can be generated by enabling advertising in trains and buses.

9) In hospitality – Digital signage can be used for displaying current and upcoming schedules outside conference rooms, and can be either pre-scheduled or changed on-the-fly. A lot of other useful general information, like highlighting popular tourist destinations in the city as well as displaying the latest weather information and public transport details, benefits guests staying at the hotel.

Interesting fact about outdoor display

1) LED signs make waiting easier for customers: Studies have found that customers viewing displays while waiting in line actually perceived time to be moving faster, meaning they were less likely to get frustrated by long waits. These displays act as digital ambassadors, reassuring your customers that they matter—and letting them refocus their attention while wait or browse

2) LED displays reach 70% of the public: In fact, LED signage winds up reaching 70% of the general public, compared to a “measly” 45% for Facebook. That’s right—LED advertisement reaches more relevant customers than the largest social network on the planet.

3) LED displays ratchet up sales volume by more than 30%: LEDs streamline the shopping experience, from storefront to checkout. Companies using digital signs both within and outside their business report increased sales volume due to relief of frustration and more efficient up-sells and cross-sells.