Why need indoor display

Today’s world is extremely fast paced and in it, getting your advertisement through to a potential customer is only possible within a matter of seconds. Indoor LED signs are a great way to attract new customers due to their bright, clear, vibrant and intriguing display. So whether it is inside an office premises, a church congregation, a school, a mall, an airport, or retail store, design your indoor LED sign content cleverly so as to send your message across within those few seconds that viewers are walking by your sign. All companies, big and small, are convinced that  signage is an affordable and effective investment to establish a brand image and attract new business. So go ahead and make  indoor LED sign investment with today!

Things need to know before buying indoor display board

1) Size, pixel pitch and viewing distance: Location and viewing distance of the signs effects on size and pixel pitch of sign which is most important specification of the LED signs. As a rule of thumb you need to consider at least 2 inch of text height as 100 ft. of viewing distance. However the ideal size of LED sign may be much bigger for LED sign with video and animation features. Pixel pitch is another important specification that should be carefully choose according to viewing distance. Choosing expensive small pith pixel for long viewing distance can waste your money or choosing higher pixel pitch for saving few dollars could decrease your impression on your sign on viewer.

2) Advertising media: Choosing a proper message for LED sign is very important to target the right viewers. You need decide what you need to show to people and how to do it. These answer help you to decide about choosing single-colour or full-colour LED signs and required size of the sign.

3) After sales services: It is very important to choose company offering you long term after sales services. And keep in mind that it is not related only to hardware. Software training and graphic design, media production are another important services you should expect from your LED sign provider.

Good indoor display properties

1) Enhanced Readability-Concurrently, enhanced readability will become an important trend. A number of disparate professions have been using very high-resolution displays for some time, e.g., air traffic control (ATC) and digital x-rays. While both are literally life-or-death applications, their requirements for readability are very different. In the medical space, where the surgeon needs at-a-glance readability of the patient’s information, the display is regularly scanned for pixel defects to ensure all are working perfectly, as many of these displays are monochrome. For ATC, the requirement is large displays with high resolution – the controllers need to be able to see everything easily and study it carefully to make informed decisions. Mainstream applications are now also requiring better displays with higher resolution at both ends of the pixel spectrum, which will benefit these more niche users, as manufacturing efficiencies will deliver even better products at a lower cost. 

2) More Pixels-Large-screen TVs with UHD/4K technology are starting to hit the market in greater numbers, to cater to buyers’ interest and desire for a range of price points. In addition, there is beginning to be a push for video of the same high quality to be viewable on tablets, wearables and other smaller screens. This will require smaller displays that can accommodate very high-quality content, creating opportunities for companies that can find ways to cram in more pixels per unit of real estate. In the industrial and specialty display markets, there is great interest in 8K pixel resolution.

3) Better Image Quality 
Not everyone thinks more pixels are the only way to enhance the user experience. For example, Pixelworks offers chipsets and algorithms designed to optimize the quality of any display. The technology is predicated on the fact that, due to increased pixel density, the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. This means that images are more lifelike than ever and that any artifact can intrude on the viewing experience. Dolby’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) technologies also deliver greater luminosity, along with better contrast and more saturated colors. 

Interesting fact about indoor display

1) More than 40% of shoppers would rather visit stores with LED signs. Yes, just having LED signage can give your organization an edge with roughly 42% of visitors. LEDs are both informative and entertaining for your customers. Compare to other businesses with flat, static displays and advertisement, the advantage of dynamic and engaging LEDs is clear.

2) LED ads greatly increase brand awareness to the tune of 86%. A UK study found that almost 90% of retailers considered LED signs essential for increasing their brand’s awareness in-store. LED displays can be updated effortlessly, allowing for seamless message customization. Unlike traditional in-store displays, which customers tend to “tune out” after repeated exposure, LEDs are quickly becoming the face of manystores and business.

3) Almost 30% of customers find unconventional menus to be a factor when ordering food. LED displays allow restaurants to instantly adapt their menus to show seasonal, daily or hourly specials, such as menu changes during lunch and dinner service. Crisp, clear displays eliminate confusion when ordering and help show off individual items to hungry customers.